Welcome to Wing Chun Club On-line. 

We are committed to maintaining the art of Wing Chun Kung Fu as the most valuable form of self defense and fitness in martial arts.

READ Sifu Z’s Open Letter to Sam Harris here. In defense of Wing Chun as the most effective form of self defense in the world.


ASK SIFU Z – Got a question? Ask Sifu Z and it just may be featured in the next weekly episode!


Stop freeze-frame punching. SEVEN ATTACK COMBO INTRO has just been added to the site. Learn how to be a good partner by throwing realistic punches. Boxing/MMA style punching, blocking and footwork is introduced to prepare you for partnered drills such as the up and coming SEVEN ATTACK COMBO drill.

Troubles viewing the video on this site? Go directly to Vimeo.com/wingchunclub.


Skeptics In The Dojo is up on youtube.com. Watch the talk given by Sifu Z on skepticism in martial arts at TAM 2013 in Las Vegas.

The Wing Chun Club Network has been Discontinued however current members have access to a printed version of the content and will still have all the same benefit options to train on-line via Skype, Youtube and Vimeo as usual.

The all new ASK SIFU Z is up on youtube and ready for your wing chun and martial arts questions. Kung Hei Fat Choi 2014 everyone!

Ask Sifu Z is now up on Sound Cloud as a podcast!

NEW - Current Members now have access to the Wing Chun Chi Na 4D Hyper Flow Guide. Learn techniques that will allow you to survive and thrive if the fight goes to the ground. With the popularity of  MMA and Jiu Jitsu it has become imperative for Wing Chun practitioners to study their often forgotten art of Chin Na as it relates to modern wing chun and other ground fighting systems. Our process of grappling follows the main precepts of the Wing Chun system… Can a women or smaller practitioner accomplish the technique against a larger stronger opponent? If not – it’s not Wing Chun!

Afternoon MMA Conditioning Class is back! 40 minutes of martial arts based drills and exercises designed to boost your energy and stamina. Check it out here.

(TAM 2013 was a huge success. Check out our twitter.com/Sifu_Z feed for pics of the event.)

Sifu Z has been invited by James “The Amazing” Randi and DJ Grothe to speak at TAM 2013 FIGHTING THE FAKERS in Las Vegas (July 11th – 14th). The theme of the workshop is “Taking On Woo in Martial Arts” and is run by Evan Bernstein co-host of The Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe radio show.


Watch James Randi Fight The Fakers here:



In memory of Mia Zapata of The Gits 8/25/1965 – 7/7/1993 Aloha.


11 responses »

  1. jonnyzavant says:

    This is the place to be!

  2. New site looks great!

  3. Ki Ki says:

    Really like the site! Very informative!

  4. Sifu Z says:

    I make only one claim. Historically speaking Wing Chun is the best form of self-defense on Earth if it’s taught properly. Thanks to the many arts that came before it.

    • Blythe says:

      with the opening of the center on aug 2, will there be classes offered there? if so, how often and what will the cost be?

      • Sifu Z says:

        We are unofficially open with classes Mon thru Thurs 7pm. Sun at noon. Additional classes are offered: Mon thru Fri at 11am, 12noon and 1pm. First week is free. Plans start as low as $99/ month. Stay tuned. We may push back our grand re-opening to Sept 6th.

  5. Ryan Tin Loy says:

    Sifu where are you folks located? When you folks have your official opening I’m hoping to come check you guys out.

  6. Johan stenberg says:

    Learning wing chun from Sifu Z is the best thing you can do to yourself! Nothing has helped me out more dealing with life! Thank you for this website.

  7. CIII says:

    Its an honor and privlege to be training and learning wing chun again.

  8. Billy K says:

    Hey Sifu Z, I was just looking through my old WCC stuff and thought about you. Sending you good vibes from Humboldt County.

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